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View of Paradise
The reason we keep coming back!

We first came to Sapphire Beach on our honeymoon, and were immediately smitten. We want to share that View of Paradise we first experienced so many years ago with you. Each of our condos is updated with the comforts we all enjoy on our vacation. The units come with a fully equipped kitchen, making it family friendly. Whether from the comfort of the indoors or the patio, you can enjoy that view of paradise as you look out onto Sapphire beach.

Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina is the only resort on the island with beach front condos. In less than a minute from your condo you can sink your toes into the white sand and be caressed by the refreshing breeze coming off the sapphire waters.

Sapphire Beach is majestic, a true gem of the Caribbean. These crystal clear waters are home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs of the island with many coming for the snorkeling experience alone. The white sand and calm waters make for a great day at the beach, whether you're there to catch some sun, go for a swim, or relax in the shade of the sea grape trees.

Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina is a gated resort and community with some of the owners choosing to live there year round, and others choosing to share that experience with you. The resort features a breakfast bar, restaurant, bar, and dive shop.

Join us in building memories of a lifetime!

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